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Friendship Lesson

Finishing more pending works

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NSFW Version:

Update: Higher resolution, Fixed some stuff I didn't liked of the original, Like the lighs and the shadows


Please consider support me on Patreon,
You can see all my pictures and animations in HD [~4400px] with just one dollar per month.
suggestive132830 artist:godoffury443 artist:megatron-returns38 applejack162752 fluttershy203178 pinkie pie207654 princess celestia91247 princess luna95582 rainbow dash224214 rarity173913 starlight glimmer45685 twilight sparkle288514 alicorn206429 pony885030 unicorn285901 comic:harem scenario6 3d67904 all the mares love8 applebutt3919 balloonbutt3633 butt41795 butts everywhere21 confused4376 cutie mark43957 dock45875 female1287419 females only11771 flutterbutt4543 frown21852 funny3909 group3165 huge butt8791 large butt14395 lesbian91934 mane six30398 mane six plots150 mare440065 moonbutt3145 nudity344254 plot73178 presenting22426 rainbutt dash3174 raised eyebrow6312 raised tail14012 rearity4050 smothering656 source filmmaker41233 starlight glimmer gets all the mares14 sunbutt3765 surrounded by mares7 tail22415 twibutt4932 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118469


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Background Pony #3DCB
Lessee, she is currently smelling a mixture of vanilla, blackberry, lavender, apple, cotton candy, marshmallow, Skittles and lemon ponuts at the moment.