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Background Pony #C5E3
Grogar is real, even Tirek, Sombra and Chrysalis knows him. Discord is the only creature that know where the his bell is and he is the only one know the story about the bell being hide at the top of the mountain.

My theory is Discord was made by Grogar millennia ago until Dusty the great banished him and hide he’s bell.

I respect the writers but what they did with the plot twist really disturbe me. Everything went well until that scene.
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Background Pony #02C9
@Background Pony #C434
Frenemies was building Grogar up to be betrayed. The entire thrust of the episode was the Legion of Doom bonding over their shared enemies, and realising that once they had the bell and friends totally-not-friends-we-SWEAR to watch their backs they were able to take down Grogar and steal his power.

The key point is at that time as far as everyone was concerned, Grogar was actually Grogar and not Discord. This would have left all sorts of options open for resolving the villain’s story arc, for example the Legion of Doom fumbling their betrayal and letting Grogar get the bell, who then swears to destroy the ponies and the trio, forcing them to work together to survive and ending up with the trio begrudgingly accepting that yes, friendship really is magic after saving each other and beating Grogar together felt so much better than trying to take over the world out of selfish greed.
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Comments54 comments posted