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In my MLP world, as you can see, I've made it FlutterMac.
For anyone else that knows the canon ships for either of these, I think it goes without saying that this is an AU.

In my lil AU,
When Fluttershy fell during the race, and since she was weak flyer, she couldn't fly back up to Cloudsdale very well. Big Mac found her, while bucking apples, and brought her home so she could rest and recover, and so Granny could send a letter off to Fluttershy's parents. Big Mac and Fluttershy got along rather well, and they ended up writing letters back and forth after she went home. When she moved to Ponyville and saw Big Mac again, the two were still quite close and friendly with one another, and romantic feelings were growing, slowly.
Big Mac and Sugar Belle DID date for a short time, Sugar cheated on Big Mac and, basically, broke his heart by doing so and doing many times over. In which case, during that time, Big Mac didn't want to worry his family about the events yet, and would tell Fluttershy all about it. She'd help comfort him and show him that a mare that treats him like that, is not a mare worth Big Mac's love and affection, and with how she was treating him, she clearly wasn't deserving of such a great stallion. Due to their talks and some confidence building, Big Mac would soon break up with Sugar Belle.
After the break up, Fluttershy and Big Mac would spend a little more time together, due to Fluttershy hurrying with chores to go spend extra time with Big Mac and help him through the break up. Give it time to when Big Mac feels better and more over Sugar Belle, he'd likely then realize how he and Fluttershy have been lately, and from a curious question, learn that Fluttershy had romantic feelings for him.
The two tried out dating, agreeing that if things didn't feel right or that they wouldn't be compatible, they'd stay friends if they broke up. And as you can tell, things went VERY well and the two gained a happy relationship and a big family.

(In order of age)

Appear Harvest(On Fluttershy's Back)- www.deviantart.com/theredbeaut…
Cool Cat(In Fluttershy's Hooves)-www.deviantart.com/theredbeaut…
Flutter Butter(On Big Mac's Head)- Adopted him from SilverZ3r0
Botswana "Peach" Cornu(Behind Big Mac's Hooves)- Adopted her from Gr0ttie
Petunia Smith(Flying)-www.deviantart.com/theredbeaut…
Honey Crisp(In Between CC&Peach)- Adopted him from DudleyBrittany1399
Apple Blossom(On Big Mac's Back)- www.deviantart.com/theredbeaut…

Base by:
safe1750098 artist:theredbeauty8 big macintosh28830 fluttershy217217 oc711712 oc:apple blossom75 oc:apple harvest9 oc:botswana "peach" cornu1 oc:cool cat2 oc:flutter butter3 oc:honeycrisp147 oc:petunia smith2 earth pony265787 pegasus309007 pony1010136 baby10694 baby pony6807 base used21721 blank flank7707 braid6144 braided tail1218 button eyes160 colored wings6530 colored wingtips1702 colt15471 family4559 female1401556 filly69599 fluttermac3017 freckles30101 male387893 mare502021 missing accessory8373 offspring40840 pacifier2722 parent:big macintosh3353 parent:fluttershy5136 parents:fluttermac1471 ponies riding ponies2496 pony hat430 riding7610 shipping205630 simple background408982 stallion115679 straight140300 white background102457


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