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Page 1245 — Timing is Anything

It's interesting to consider that, by the time your players have sat down at the table, they've already answered the Call to Adventure. Calling them to Adventure a second time when they're right in front of you is about as weird and rote as it sounds.

Chancellor Neighsay: My EEA medallion primarily allows me to travel across Equestria, conducting inspections and closures as necessary. That's what I intend to use the last of its magic for – to deliver word to Celestia and Luna.
Sandbar (AJ): Oookay, not strictly speaking a BAD idea… How long will that take?
Chancellor Neighsay: Assuming I will only be able to travel one way… I may not be back with the cavalry until sunset – the spell's projected end.
Yona (FS): So… help is on the way, but it won't be here in time.
Ocellus (TS): What are we supposed to do in the meantime?
Chancellor Neighsay: Hmm… Are your magics still intact?
Smolder (RT): Erm… What is the status on that, now that you mention it?
DM: Roll Arcana.
Smolder (RT): <roll> 12.
DM: All the PC spellcasters still have full use of their powers. Possibly because your power sources are the furthest away from the center of Equestria.
Silverstream (PP): Looks like my Cleric Pearl is still charged, sir!
Chancellor Neighsay: Then that settles it. You children are the world's last hope. Will you descend into the depths one more, to stop or delay Cozy Glow by any means?
Gallus (RD): Can we be already gone by the time he finishes this speech?
DM: Roll me Stealth with advantage.
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