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This version is cropped where it is so that she can be printed out and taped on top of a picture frame, shelf, or wherever, and the mane will drape down in front.
safe (1446684)artist:cheezedoodle96 (732)fluttershy (186189)pegasus (194218)pony (714428)boop bait (11)bust (32129)close-up (4797)cute (151835)female (776208)hair over one eye (7037)hooves on the table (103)looking at you (123401)mare (345361)part of a set (7203)peekaboo (157)peeking (517)portrait (25191)shyabetes (9706)simple background (295696)smiling (186547)solo (887537)svg (2909).svg available (6810)this will end in boops (14)transparent background (154066)vector (67251)

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