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safe1598904 artist:evilfrenzy480 princess celestia90422 princess luna94780 oc615829 oc:cruithne38 oc:frenzy145 anthro236126 unguligrade anthro43517 age regression1332 baby9790 cute183323 cutelestia3291 diaper12491 female1271777 foal14978 fruna66 momlestia952 offspring34620 parent:oc:frenzy39 parent:princess luna1970 parents:canon x oc1585 parents:fruna33 rain5654 raincoat196 show accurate11527 umbrella2461 wet diaper2115 woona4952 younger15704


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infinita est lux Solis
Artist -

Heretical Inquisitor
I remember one of my stupider moments as a child, granted I was seven or eight at the time, I somehow believed the umbrella would protect you from getting wet completely, and thus I was confused and angry when my feet and legs would get wet when walking through the rain, despite the fact that I had an umbrella… Somehow my little child brain got the idea that the umbrella projects a field of dryness around you.
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