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safe (1520864) artist:evilfrenzy (457) princess celestia (87516) princess luna (91566) oc (572063) oc:cruithne (38) oc:frenzy (139) anthro (218546) unguligrade anthro (40859) age regression (1287) babies (148) baby (8331) cute (166867) cutelestia (2961) diaper (11532) female (845034) foal (14130) momlestia (945) offspring (31918) parent:oc:frenzy (38) parent:princess luna (1813) parents:canon x oc (1701) rain (5380) raincoat (180) umbrella (2222) wet diaper (1950) woona (4856) younger (14845)


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infinita est lux Solis
Artist -

Heretical Inquisitor
I remember one of my stupider moments as a child, granted I was seven or eight at the time, I somehow believed the umbrella would protect you from getting wet completely, and thus I was confused and angry when my feet and legs would get wet when walking through the rain, despite the fact that I had an umbrella… Somehow my little child brain got the idea that the umbrella projects a field of dryness around you.