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Page 1227 — Breakout Stars

If there's one thing I've learned over the years, it's that if your player is dead-set on doing some kind of Risky but Cool Thing… it's probably best for the experience overall if you find some way to let them do that, even accomplish some minor victory with it.

There's many caveats to that philosophy, of course, not the least of which being if the Risky but Cool Thing is also a Really, Really Stupid Thing.

DM: Chancellor Neighsay dispels the magical chains…
Gallus (RD): Okay rush him go go go!
DM: If you'd let me finish my sentence, you would have heard "…just as Sandbar closes the locked door."
Gallus (RD): …Unless he leaves it open!
Sandbar (AJ): Nah.
Gallus (RD): Then I'll pick the lock!
DM: It seems Neighsay has cast Arcane Locks upon the door and window.
Gallus (RD): Yona could try smashing them! Or any of the others could do something magical!
DM: <sigh> I can see it would be counterproductive to stop you outright, but I must insist you take at least a short rest to get back up from zero.
Sandbar (AJ): Where do the Chancellor and I go afterwards?
DM: Neighsay leaves you to your own devices. He returns to the Headmare's office to start planning his big changes for the school.
Sandbar (AJ): What about Cozy Glow?
DM: She went elsewhere while he was carrying you all to the dorms. You have no idea where she's gone.
Sandbar (AJ): Hmmm. I have some idea… But I might need backup. The School of Friendship is located in Ponyville, right? Is Sweet Apple Acres still around?
DM: …It's always about connections with you, isn't it?
safe1724893 artist:newbiespud1441 edit134047 edited screencap66125 screencap224278 chancellor neighsay653 cozy glow7518 gallus6838 ocellus5366 sandbar5513 silverstream6208 smolder8063 yona5167 changedling8540 changeling48578 classical hippogriff5018 dragon57368 earth pony255795 griffon27461 hippogriff9910 pegasus299063 pony985210 unicorn331402 yak4673 comic:friendship is dragons1610 school raze2354 barn3228 chair6919 comic110084 desk3277 dialogue66420 door4020 dragoness8655 eyes closed95451 female1379461 filly68031 flying38717 frown23211 gendo pose141 grin39506 gritted teeth12499 male379340 night26825 raised hoof47404 sad24768 screencap comic4622 sitting64265 smiling253774 stallion111689 stars15894 student six1644 table9347


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