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Page 1222 — Breach Conduct

It was the only natural outcome, really.

We've got another odd one-shot Spudventure this week! In the style of a Saturday morning cartoon, it's Agents of COURSE in the All Outta Bubblegum system, run by our own Space Jawa!
Spudventures — Agents of COURSE: Podcast | Video

DM: So, what do you all decide to do? Chancellor Neighsay and Cozy Glow are approaching the doors.
Smolder (RT): It may not be wise or clever, but Smolder's had enough of this.
Yona (FS): Ponies won't listen to us and will hunt us down. Yona won't wait in dark to be locked up.
Silverstream (PP): Are you saying we… make a stand?
Sandbar (AJ): We basically became fugitives the moment he showed up anyway.
Gallus (RD): I say we wait until they're at the door, then bash it in and come out swinging!
DM: Wait, what? You're going to… fight them? And you're all in agreement on this?
Silverstream (PP): I think we are! We're kicking down the door like old-school munchkins!
DM: …Anyone want to roll Insight or something…? Maybe Arcana…?
Smolder (RT): There's no going back now!
Ocellus (TS): Do we get a surprise round?
DM: Um… Sure. You'll need all the help you can get…
safe1726983 artist:newbiespud1444 edit134198 edited screencap66192 screencap224427 chancellor neighsay653 cozy glow7529 gallus6849 ocellus5375 sandbar5521 silverstream6217 smolder8081 yona5173 changedling8569 changeling48682 classical hippogriff5026 dragon57491 earth pony256612 griffon27515 hippogriff9926 pegasus299993 pony987262 unicorn332316 yak4686 comic:friendship is dragons1613 school raze2355 caught3410 comic110243 dialogue66524 dragoness8691 female1381335 filly68198 freckles29486 frown23247 male380096 screencap comic4628 stallion112020 student six1648 surprised9416


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