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Page 1221 — Spotted Check

In my experience, NPCs or enemies rolling specific checks rather than just a generic d20 is always a cause for concern… because it means they have detailed stats.

Chancellor Neighsay: Yes. I came here to warn Starlight. But since she is gone, it falls to me to protect you foals from these monsters.
Cozy Glow: But they're my classmates… They've only caused trouble once… or twice… Four or five times, max!
Sandbar (AJ): Again with the weird defense out of nowhere.
Smolder (RT): She's testing his belief.
Chancellor Neighsay: They are not like us, little foal. That "trouble" is their true nature.
Silverstream (PP): Okay, so his logic is: "Ponies have magic of friendship," "other creatures come here to learn friendship," "magic starts disappearing everywhere," "the new creatures must be the culprit??"
Smolder (RT): It's so strange to hear you talk about "logic."
Silverstream (PP): Exactly! It's so cuckoo that even I can follow it!
Gallus (RD): He's officially crazy! Pun sort of intended!
Yona (FS): Official pony won't listen to non-ponies no matter what…
DM: Hmmm. Neighsay and Cozy Glow make Perception checks. And I'm taking Pass Without Trace into account… <roll> <roll>
Chancellor Neighsay: …Did you hear something?
Cozy Glow: I think it came from over there!
Gallus (RD): Aw, come on!
DM: They rolled very high, but they don't know what they barely heard. You can still get away.
safe1726280 artist:newbiespud1443 edit134141 edited screencap66168 screencap224374 chancellor neighsay653 cozy glow7523 gallus6846 ocellus5371 sandbar5518 silverstream6214 smolder8071 yona5170 changedling8555 changeling48629 classical hippogriff5022 dragon57439 earth pony256267 griffon27492 hippogriff9920 pegasus299675 pony986544 unicorn332002 yak4681 comic:friendship is dragons1612 school raze2355 angry27628 chair6929 comic110197 desk3292 dialogue66485 dragoness8673 eyes closed95539 female1380645 filly68135 flying38743 freckles29475 frown23235 looking back58642 male379799 screencap comic4627 stallion111870 student six1646 suspicious413 table9355 walking4847 worried3969


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