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Digital color-up of >>1459794
Future from the events of >>961017 and >>962002
safe (1427267)artist:bri-sta (499)artist:wodahseht (102)princess celestia (83552)twilight sparkle (260059)alicorn (163083)pony (694944)behaving like a cat (1578)chest fluff (25678)cookie (2906)cute (148172)cutie mark (33846)duo (39065)food (50979)multicolored hair (3312)open mouth (103950)pounce (225)purple eyes (1355)this will not end well (1079)twiabetes (8034)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (101817)wings (52789)


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Background Pony #8436
And Celestia put one Cookie in mouth of Twilight and Twilight calm down.
Celestia: With all the years i be you teacher, do you really think i forget how Cookie hunger you?
Twilight: Mmmm gulp ahhh…hi hi hi no of course not..and Sorry he he he!
Celestia: even as a mare you still act as a filly we is for Cookie!
Twilight:…I think some tea will be good with it?
Celestia: Good idea and we can talk of all the good time were you still a little filly and i be your teacher..i wonder if still remenber all my teaching?
Twilight: Oh? i will show you i not forget!
Luna: Oh? We can’t wait to hear it, Right Cadance?
Cadance: he he he yes and is will be a good memory!
Celestia: We will use this magic mirrior(who is bigger then Celestia) to see the past!
Luna: Oh i can’t wait to see what you look Twilight!
Twilight: Ok but I want to see What you both look as a young filly’s!
Celestia&Luna be both surprice.
Luna:…We..i not sure is…?!
Celestia: Ok plus i want see Luna on this age again!
Discord: why not be turn back as filly’s? Of course is be only for one day!
Celestia:….Hmmm maybe a other time, but thanks to ask..Oh Discord, take this cake, this is for you and fluttershy for your next tea party!
Discord: OH thanks, Fluttershy will love the look of this cake,Oh so cute some mini Discord and Fluttershy on it!
Twilight: This is for the anniversery of your Reform and your friendship with fluttershy ,oh and of course ,the royal cheif a make sure to not make it as the way fluttershy love it!
Discord: the level of sugar be right? Thanks fluttershy will be happy, oh bye oh my offer, is still on princess!
Celestia: We will remenber, bye and say hi for us!
Luna: Maid!, we need 4 tea cup’s and tea please!
Unicorn maid: Is will be done Princess!
Twilight: Oh and not forget more Cookie!
unicorn maid: Of course Princess!
after the maid a give thier tea’s and cookie’s Princess start to watch the past like us we watch a video of memory like our Parents love to watch to remenber how adorable we all be.

Note We i say Our Parents i mean your parent and mine…well what parent will not take some picture or video of thier Kid?
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