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part 2
safe1639216 edit125705 edited screencap60822 screencap213718 applejack164551 discord29738 fluttershy205645 king sombra13275 mean applejack255 mean fluttershy222 mean pinkie pie195 mean rainbow dash181 mean rarity251 mean twilight sparkle717 pinkie pie209915 queen chrysalis33675 rainbow dash226559 rarity175924 shining armor22358 spike76645 starlight glimmer46520 twilight sparkle291720 alicorn211064 a matter of principals1056 the beginning of the end2077 the mean 61621 animated95282 clone2240 dead3979 death5167 dragon ball fighterz33 dramatic finish4 mane six30847 mean six73 melting645 sound8011 twilight sparkle (alicorn)119916 webm11867 you know for kids460 you ruined everything47


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