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Page 1218 — Egregious Educator

"Um, actually, in the original Scholastic / American distribution of the Harry Potter books with illustrations by Mary GrandPre–" Get outta here, I looked that up already.

DM: Cozy Glow approaches the Headmare's desk.
Gallus (RD): And then the real mastermind turns the chair around dramatically?
DM: Well… Sure. If that's what you want to think. The chair turns and seated there is a pale unicorn with a slick black mane and a goatee. Known to some as Chancellor Neighsay of the Equestria Education Association, or the EEA.
Smolder (RT): I see that the pony puns continue…
Sandbar (AJ): You make it sound like we should know him.
Silverstream (PP): Can someone else say "Snape" so I don't have to?
Gallus (RD): Snape didn't have a goatee.
DM: <ahem> You all recognize him from your first week at the School of Friendship. He's been a vocal detractor of the School of Friendship since day 1. He's tried to have the entire school shut down, and on one occasion nearly succeeded.
Ocellus (TS): Why?
DM: Long story short: Because a certain five of you were attending.
Yona (FS): Yaks may be proud, but yaks are at least not bigots.
Silverstream (PP): Wow. Snape would've just tried to expel us, not shut down the school!
Gallus (RD): It's the goatee, I'm tellin' ya…
safe1724570 artist:newbiespud1441 edit134004 edited screencap66090 screencap224201 chancellor neighsay653 cozy glow7515 gallus6835 ocellus5363 sandbar5510 silverstream6208 smolder8059 yona5164 changedling8534 changeling48544 classical hippogriff5017 dragon57348 earth pony255644 griffon27452 hippogriff9907 pegasus298825 pony984817 unicorn331253 yak4671 comic:friendship is dragons1610 school raze2352 chair6919 comic110058 desk3274 dialogue66388 dragoness8651 female1379110 filly67999 glowing horn19990 hooves together452 horn70235 male379159 screencap comic4620 sitting64245 stallion111607 student six1643


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