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Hello everyone,

I thought it was time to finally create a new piece that would take lots and lots of hours, reaching a quality that replaces my current "masterpiece" of "Light in the Darkness", the Ori and the Blind Forest fanart I created three years ago. Back then, I wanted to go all out on what inspired me most during that time. I went for the same motto for this piece.

Currently, there is nothing more inspiring for me than my love towards :iconsnoopystallion:. It makes me keep going everyday, gives me happy moments and feelings of joy, of warmth when I need it and this is why I decided to paint us, him and me, in this new big piece. And yes, while it may seem totally clichee and disgustingly cheesy, I am telling the truth of how I feel, I am not overexaggerrating here and I won't apologize for feeling that way. I always figured I might contain too many or too strong emotions within me. Oh well.

At first let me clear up the name of this piece: KiBa. KiBa is a German thing, a mixture between two fruit juices — Cherry Juice and Banana Chuice (so I figure in English it's CheBa? I dunno XD) and one of my absolute favourite drinks when going out for dinner. Early after getting t know Snoopy, he learned that from me and in our RP we wrote back then, we also played our Ponysonas and he came up with the idea that if each of us drinks one of these juices and then kiss, we get KiBa. And this is an old idea he might not even remember having but me being super emotional and focused on those sweet little ideas somehow remembered it some days ago and had to go for it. I saw an image of autumn before my eyes, I saw an orange-red environment, magenta-red-ish like shadows and the golden light of the sun shining through the leafs while we enjoy the drinks and each other together.

This piece took me a lot of time, concentration and trying out with different brushes. I found a few new ones and wanted to practice them a little with this piece, as well as colouring in general — not starting with the typical base colours but rather already adapt the tones to the light situation. I think I managed to "paint" this piece, especially areas like the faces, manes or the table and leafs here and there. I especially am proud of the faces here and their expressions, their poses, the manes as well and the accessoire I'm wearing. It's a custom made necklace with a heart-shaped pendant, framing two small jewels in green and orange, Snoopy's and my favourite colours. So this also represents us two in a way. I'm wearing it ever since I got it.

However, I still appear to not know how reflections and especially glass works allthough I put a lot of effort painting the two drinks here, their chests and upper bodies lack detail and even though I already found them off looking after already sketching them, I went with their arms and made them look completely wrong. I should have fixed that at the very beginning. I see my weaknesses there. Besides, due to the adulteration of colours on my Mobile Studio and then completely changed saturation and hue when comparing on a different device, the colours are slightly off and not how I intended them to be. But changing the image dozens and dozens of times on my Mobile Studio, transferring it to another device to see if the colours are good after small changes just took too much time. This is why I am not completely proud of the colour situation here.

In conclusion I must say I am proud of this work and some areas that I definitely show overall improvement and an eye for detail, other areas lack that improvement and break away from the quality I was going for, so that I can say it was an experience, a piece I would not throw in the bin, it's also my new phone wallpaper, but it definitely doesn't replace my current masterpiece. To do that, I will still have to work harder and practice more until I can say I am proud of what I created, entirely. Besides, I feel kind of ashamed of how others can create such pieces within 3 hours perhaps with way better quality while it takes me more than 13 to create something "decent". Oh well.

The point is that I also wanted to show Snoopy how much he means to me and how inspiring he and my love towards him are for me. It did not turn out as perfect as I hoped it would, but I tried and sat here for hours every day, put lots of patience and passion into it. I know it will never be the masterpiece I hoped it would, I intended it to be. But it's a step further. I hope.

Thank you to everyone who encouraged me to take time and draw/paint what I wanted, I appreciate that and also a huge thank you if you actually read through the entire description, I just needed to get this off my chest at that point. Multiple times I was close to dumping this project. Just thank you. I hope you like it.

Find the SPEEDPAINTING here:youtu.be/l5yQGKpkUcw

This is also my 1000th submission on DeviantArt.

Time: 13+ Hours

If you want to support me, make sure to check out my Patreon. Every little bit helps me to keep my work possible and is very much appreciated. Thank you

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