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Motherbuckers! - NSFW art pack

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Because we don’t do non-humanized clop art, we uploaded this edit anonymously last night. However, in light of the overwhelmingly positive feedback - including from the original artist - we take full responsibility for the incestuous dialog added to this picture.

explicit410718 artist:drizziedoodles426 edit154506 editor:wild stallions158 sunburst7910 sunset shimmer71599 pony1296667 unicorn434316 semi-anthro18762 comic:the first incestuous foal of sunset shimmer83 ahegao29383 alternate universe11453 blushing234836 brother and sister5435 chest fluff51991 clitoris33995 clopfic in the comments1052 comic sans1514 cowgirl position8442 dubious consent1733 duo107277 ear fluff40547 exhibitionism11144 female1579976 funny porn1359 headcanon2645 heart eyes22235 hentai quotes438 horsecock84614 human shoulders1042 humanoid torso191 imminent impregnation53 inbreeding279 incest15694 infidelity8295 library3673 looking back72412 looking over shoulder4391 male450921 mare604428 nervous7074 nudity444845 one eye closed39133 open mouth193244 penetration72736 penis184393 pubic fluff4525 raised hoof58656 riding8313 sex146184 shimmerburst78 shipping227224 siblings14385 smiling323724 speech bubble31037 stallion145762 stealth sex1132 straight157296 suncest shimmer59 sunny siblings117 this will end in pregnancy1984 thrill of almost being caught632 tongue out126347 twilight's castle4727 twilight's castle library375 vaginal48208 vaginal secretions45969 vein12750 vein bulge4050 veiny cock10445 vulva157567 wingding eyes29601


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Wild Stallions
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Artist -

I might lobby for the “casual family sex” tag here. XD
It’s not a bad idea, but would this qualify for that kind of tag? I feel like “casual family sex” would be more appropriate to situations where everyone’s relaxed about it happening. I mean like, if Stellar Flare walked in and told them to hurry up and finish because it was almost time for supper, or joined in, and nobody freaked out about it… that would be casual. Him worried about them being caught just doesn’t come across that way, so much.
But I could be overthinking it a bit too.
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Background Pony #8474
Are you gong to write a continuation for the others? Like the next one where Glimmer finds the?
I’ve actually been meaning to do so for a while now. Unfortunately I’ve been busy with a lot of other things too, which makes finding the time to do so challenging.
I haven’t forgotten though. I promise.
Background Pony #F3DF
@Wild Stallions  
MOAR PLEASE! The size of Sunset’s stomach, the foals should be bigger or there are more than three foals. Show Starlight’s birthing next.