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Smol shy in bed
safe1681766 artist:miokomata774 fluttershy210115 pony943822 bed40070 blushing193409 cute196132 daaaaaaaaaaaw3705 female1340875 floppy ears50942 freckles28042 hnnng2393 overhead view369 precious103 shyabetes13405 smol587 solo1047250 sweet dreams fuel1552 weapons-grade cute3625


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Background Pony #5605
Loving, caring fathers who have 4-6 year old daughters, you know this feeling and perspective better than most of us young 20-ers.
Background Pony #4045
Alright who turned of the weapons grade cute shielding ?

That can be a serious health hazard for anypony without suitable protection — Pony responsibly please !