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It’s another occasion for the guys to get together!

Original vectors:

Big Macintosh >>694151
Spike >>2121286
Shining Armor >>1138758
Soarin’ >>987958

Cider mugs >>692587
Background >>1416316
safe (1425526)artist:chainchomp2 edit (133)artist:cloudyglow (1450)artist:memnoch (386)artist:misteraibo (151)artist:porygon2z (831)big macintosh (25183)shining armor (20047)soarin' (12490)spike (68191)dragon (37393)cider (2258)cute (147912)looking at you (120052)male (256715)mug (3059)shining adorable (322)stallion (72646)text (40387)winged spike (5431)

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15 comments posted
Adan Druego
[IsoCon] 01-056-003-001
When Soarin’ had bit too much to drink he starts having flashbacks to the time he first heard Spitfire’s nickname. That name is just repeated over and over and over again inside his head.
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Why Am I Still Here?'s avatar
Why Am I Still Here?
Brown Privileged
Big Mac: the big lovable drunk.
Spike: can I see your ID?
Shining Armor: the responsible drinker but, don’t be fooled.
Soarin’: the non-drinker, he rather not.
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