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You found Chrysalis in her hive, looks like she wants you for something~

High res is up on patreon + an exclusive nude edit that’s not public yet! https://www.patreon.com/posts/30096364
suggestive (112807)artist:whisperfoot (513)queen chrysalis (29183)anthro (200145)changeling (32231)changeling queen (7702)ass (35807)back (851)bedroom eyes (44275)blushing (153423)breasts (202742)bugbutt (992)busty queen chrysalis (2607)butt (9118)butt freckles (1333)changeling hive (397)chest freckles (447)clothes (354603)ear freckles (238)ears (290)egg (3025)egg sac (19)female (757024)freckles (20433)from behind (10391)green blush (26)hand (6774)hips (2077)hive (268)hoof freckles (14)hooves (14664)horn (25844)leg freckles (7)looking at you (120052)panties (41464)presenting (19115)shiny (1718)shoulder freckles (744)solo (873860)solo female (154632)standing (8204)sweater (11508)sweaty ass (156)thick (2561)thick hips (6)thighs (4562)thong (4770)thunder thighs (4960)transparent hair (12)transparent wings (146)underwear (49535)wide hips (11690)wings (52656)


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