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I need more drawings of this OC of mine. I did this as a better reference, tried to make it more clear how he looks like.

A bit of his BIO:
— Works as one of Luna’s sentinel guards during night shift in Canterlot; Also as a spy and detective for Luna under secret missions;
— Main rival is agent Sweetie Drops (and, sometimes, his friend — Kind of how Luna and Celestia are with each other);
— Broke his horn due to unsuccessful operation in a class-A mission, he was the last one to escape a collapsing building… Now he uses prosthetic horn to be able to aim his magic properly.
— Midnight Spades is a smart cookie, likes to read and also play card games (where he found his cutie mark);
— Uses dark magic for good, and is able to shapeshift into night creatures (such as owl, bat and wolf).


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safe (1431447)artist:calena (344)oc (526301)oc:midnight spades (4)oc only (364742)pony (700013)unicorn (204213)armor (18845)broken horn (9243)context in description (54)description is relevant (611)ear fluff (17899)high res (17263)horn (26362)magic (57678)male (258665)prosthetic horn (100)prosthetics (2374)reference (3208)simple background (291461)solo (877513)spear (1965)stallion (73205)transparent background (152132)weapon (22913)

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