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I need more drawings of this OC of mine. I did this as a better reference, tried to make it more clear how he looks like.

A bit of his BIO:
— Works as one of Luna's sentinel guards during night shift in Canterlot; Also as a spy and detective for Luna under secret missions;
— Main rival is agent Sweetie Drops (and, sometimes, his friend — Kind of how Luna and Celestia are with each other);
— Broke his horn due to unsuccessful operation in a class-A mission, he was the last one to escape a collapsing building… Now he uses prosthetic horn to be able to aim his magic properly.
— Midnight Spades is a smart cookie, likes to read and also play card games (where he found his cutie mark);
— Uses dark magic for good, and is able to shapeshift into night creatures (such as owl, bat and wolf).


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