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Page 1056 — Call Waiting

In fiction, THE CALL TO ADVENTURE is either answered with noble acceptance or petulant refusal prefacing a raising of stakes that forces the hero's hand.

In roleplaying (and perhaps reality), THE CALL TO ADVENTURE is more often met with a lot of hemming and hawing, and a bit of bargaining to boot.

Princess Celestia: This is why I have brought you all here. Discord wants nothing more than to transform all of Equestria into his personal theater of chaos. And he nearly has enough power to do it. The only weapons we have against him are the Elements of Harmony. You are the chosen bearers of the Elements. Not even our wisest scholars have access to the power you possess. Only you have the power to stop Discord. Only you can bring Harmony and Order back to the lives of every creature in the relam.
Rainbow Dash: Yeesh, laying it on a little thick…
Princess Celestia: I beseech you all… Will you don the Elements once again, take Equestria's fate into your hooves, and save us all from Discord??
Rainbow Dash: I'unno.
Fluttershy: I guess so…
Rarity: Might as well.
Twilight Sparkle: Do we have a choice?
Princess Celestia: …Have faith, Celestia… No room at this stage for doubt…
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