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Page 1054 — Stone Cold Sunner

This whole arc is going to be the Fandom Wayback Machine for me, because this episode was my first chance to watch new content get ground up in the fandom mill – at one of its several peaks, no less.

This episode added a fair amount of fuel to the Tyrantlestia interpretation. I wouldn't say the results were terribly interesting at the time, but it was… certainly a meme.

Applejack: The rest of the story tells itself, don't it? Someone broke into or the power ran out in your secret underground vault or whatever, and Discord unpetrified.
DM: A flicker of surprise crosses Celestia's features.
Princess Celestia: Erm– Yes! Secret… underground… vault.
Rarity: Ohoho! Well that's just begging for an Insight check.
DM: On the Princess?
Rarity: <roll> 29!
DM: Well, normally Celestia is harder to read, but she's having a rough day. When you were here for the Gala, most of you took notice of the grand gardens beside the royal palace. And in that garden, there was, shall we say… A variety of unique decorative stone statues.
Pinkie Pie: Heeheehee! You know what they say! "Keep your enemies closer!"
Twilight Sparkle: A minor miracle he didn't escape sooner.
Rainbow Dash: Woah, wait. Does she turn ALL of her enemies to stone? That's wicked!
DM: No!
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