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Page 1053 – Ex Deus

The cool thing about revisiting this episode so many years later: Being able to splice in future screencaps depicting the same lore in more detail.

I write this as I’m a second away from pressing "Update," and I just noticed that the background color choice in the "puppeteer" mural and in the flashback (the sky, parts of the land) is just about the same. Not as abstract as I thought!

Princess Celestia: Before my sister and I stood up to him…
Applejack: We getting’ a wavy flashback with this?
DM: Not as such, but the hall is lined with stained-glass murals abstractly depicting these events.
Princess Celestia: Discord had conquered Equestria once before. His reign was one of neverending confusion and unrest. No pony or creature was spared his trickery. My sister and I quested far and wide to find the only things that could stop him… The Elements of Harmony. With them, we cast a spell that turned Discord to stone.
Rainbow Dash: And then you immortalized that ownage in stained glass? You’re more brutal than I thought, Princess.
Princess Celestia: Those were dark times.
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