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Page 1052 — Name Flop

I had always wondered about the "Pinkie's fixation on chocolate rain" gag from the outside (especially because there was the faint whiff of meme about it), but now that I'm sitting in the writer's chair it makes perfect sense.

At this moment in time, Pinkie's worldview has just been dramatically expanded. For somepony who has a shall-we-say tenuous relationship with reality in the first place, that's no small feat. But nevertheless: This is now a universe where chocolate milk can rain from the sky. Pinkie's reeling mind is still processing the implications at this moment, weighing the pros and cons. We can't act too rashly, because what if it never rains chocolate milk ever again?? What will we lose in the process just to restore the status quo? What else can we get from this? This is a profound moral and ethical conundrum in Pinkie-think, which is why I think she comes across as so fixated on that one idea.

Or maybe I'm taking the opportunity to indulge in some fanfic on the side because I have no idea what else to put in this Author's Note.

DM: The Princess leads you all to a restricted high tower of the castle.
Princess Celestia: I've called you all here for a matter of great importance. It seems an old foe of mine – someone I thought I had defeated long ago – has returned.
Rainbow Dash: Someone opened the ol' Sealed Ancient Evil in a Can, huh?
Rarity: I'm a little worried it might have been us, somehow.
Pinkie Pie: It can't be THAT evil, right? Chocolate rain!
Fluttershy: So, is this a person, or a creature, or…?
Princess Celestia: It's more of a spirit. A concept given thought and flesh. And his name… is Discord.
Twilight Sparkle: Ahh, I get it. As in the opposite of Harmony.
Princess Celestia: Yes. He is the Spirit of Chaos and Disharmony. Please take this seriously.
Fluttershy: So it's a "he"…?
Applejack: And "he" is what's wreakin' havoc on mah farm and all the land of Equestria right now. All Ah need to hear.
Pinkie Pie: But if we could reform him… Chocolate rain on demand…
safe1585315 artist:newbiespud1322 edit119460 edited screencap57183 screencap206055 applejack159759 discord28877 fluttershy199619 pinkie pie204284 princess celestia89750 rainbow dash220770 rarity170975 twilight sparkle283635 alicorn199336 draconequus9085 earth pony205380 pegasus246865 pony855513 unicorn273348 comic:friendship is dragons1480 the return of harmony1501 comic101331 dialogue59527 ethereal mane6640 female1185407 flying34719 freckles25344 hat77140 mane six29662 mare426423 screencap comic4246 stained glass1108 unicorn twilight13599


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