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 WARNING: This sketch contains Spoilers!  

In the epic climax of MLP:AoE:TRoT, Emperor Grogar has successfully transformed himself into a powerful Titan before he betrays his follows, except for Lord Tirek because he chose him to be his second-in-command. With his evil powers, Grogar turns The Sirens, Cozy Glow and Bray Locksmith into statues before he points his finger and zaps Queen Chrysalis, King Sombra and The Storm King before he traps their souls inside of each ruby of his golden collar. Grogar then asks Lord Tirek to let him trap his soul inside of his collar with the other villains so that he could borrow his strength and magic to be unstoppable and Grogar says that he’ll release Tirek from his collar after destroying all of Equestria and ponykind altogether so that he can become his successor. Tirek agrees and he willingly lets his master zap him with his magic before trapping his soul inside of one of the rubies in Grogar’s golden collar. Twilight Sparkle, Courageous Heart and their friends now have to face the ultimate evil as he brings fourth the end of Equestria.


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