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"Hopefully I didn’t overdo it too much. I tend to lose more sparring partners that way."

(Follow-up to this >>2145256)
safe (1430163)artist:matchstickman (162)apple bloom (43639)scootaloo (46539)sweetie belle (43832)oc (525629)oc:calm wind (56)anthro (200789)earth pony (148523)pegasus (188324)unicorn (203660)tumblr:where the apple blossoms (41)anthro oc (25242)apple brawn (113)armpits (35618)biceps (469)boxing gloves (637)boxing ring (180)breasts (203827)busty apple bloom (1176)busty scootaloo (860)busty sweetie belle (1509)clothes (355986)comic (89642)cutie mark crusaders (16252)deltoids (131)dialogue (50691)female (760840)injured (2763)male (258282)mare (335746)matchstickman's apple brawn series (53)muscles (8132)muscular female (353)older (18550)older apple bloom (1120)older scootaloo (1206)older sweetie belle (1204)simple background (291094)single panel (358)stallion (73080)tumblr comic (981)white background (72247)


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