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Page 1050 – Path to the Future

The Cast page will be updated… when I have time. My local files are updated, it’s just creating the new summary cards that will take forever. (I really need to invest in some graphic design learning.) But this is the broad-strokes basic rundown.

I was surprised by how many of these were slam dunks, honestly. C’mon, "Guildmaster Thief" for Rarity? I had no idea that was even an option until after The Best Night Ever was finished!

DM: Alright, so now you’re on your way to Canterlot. Probably on a royal flying chariot for expediency. That gives us an opportunity to talk about this round of level-ups! There’s a power and a couple of feats, but the most important detail is your Paragon Path – the concept that defines your character’s growth over the next ten levels. So let’s focus on that.
Twilight Sparkle: I’ll get mine out of the way. I went with Academy Master, obviously. Bookworm and all that… But it does mean a little bit of extra accuracy and damage for my arcane attacks, so… don’t count out the boring-but-functional options!
DM: It’s very fitting.
Pinkie Pie: Me next! I went with… Karmic Shaper!
DM: No surprise in retrospect. Man, that flavor change to Virtue of Prescience is really paying dividends, huh?
Pinkie Pie: Absolutely! I thought just being a Bard would be fun enough when we started, but I am ALL IN on this new angle of reality-bending luck manipulation!
DM: I fear what you’ll be like at level 30.
Applejack: I went with, ehh… Pathfinder. It works well with mah two-weapon build. Flavor-wise… Ah dunno, Ah kinda wanna be the gal that’s dependable in a fight, who can get the party where it needs to go. Somethin’ like that.
Twilight Sparkle: Boring-but-functional Paragon Paths, unite!
Applejack: …Sure, why not.
Rainbow Dash: My turn! BLOODFURY SAVAGE!!
DM: …A bit of context. That’s a Half-Orc racial PP, but–
Rainbow Dash: I hated pretty much all of my basic options. In Barbarian AND Monk.
DM: Since I didn’t come up with racial Paths for ponies, I gave you all some wiggle room.
Applejack: So why Bloodfury Savage?
Rainbow Dash: Because rainbow-colored ball of death. Duh.
DM: Way to fit in with the setting, as always.
Rarity: For me, it was a no-brainer: Guildmaster Thief. Mechanically, it’s interesting but situational – its main gimmick is being able to use allies’ action points and vice versa. But the flavor… well. I’m not sure yet if I intend to stay with the Thieves’ Guild when all is said and done. But no one can deny that we have transcended Elusive’s shadow. In time, Rarity WILL be a Guildmaster-level thief, regardless of her eventual affiliation. Of that, have no doubt.
DM: I appreciate the open-ended approach. Now, I think that just leaves Fluttershy. What did you pick for your Paragon Path?
Fluttershy: I um… I went with something called… Keeper of the Hidden Flame.
DM: What’s that?
Fluttershy: The idea is that, um, there’s a spark of vigor in every creature… especially in the predators of the wild. Reading the description reminded me of that time I stood up to a dragon. It made me think… Fluttershy might have a hidden flame inside her. So I sort of want to… see where that goes.
DM: I just want to be clear, this level-up wasn’t a character-development competition or anything. …But if it was, you won.
Rainbow Dash: Yep.
Rarity: I concede.
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