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Page 1045 — Interjection Objection

At the risk of explaining the joke, this is a bit of an inside joke. I've noticed over the course of the comic that Rainbow Dash has ended up holding the conflict ball whenever I need a character to interrupt the DM, put a halt to things, and bring up a problem to discuss. It occasionally falls to other characters, but Rainbow Dash is kind of the go-to.

Though, since I'm the only one who works on this comic and has that internal knowledge, I guess the inside joke is… just for me. I wrote a joke just for me.

Bah, sometimes you gotta amuse yourself.

Happy April Fool's Day tomorrow! Don't worry about any shenanigans from me.

Twilight Sparkle: Let's think about this, then… What are our problems, and what tools do we have? There's the cotton candy clouds, the popcorn, the apples, the horse-rabbits…
Fluttershy: Nooooo…
Twilight Sparkle: Maybe, just maybe, we can take care of them all in one fell swoop!
DM: See? See what I mean?
Twilight Sparkle: The first and biggest step is clearing up the chocolate rain. The pink clouds are sticky and erratic, right? Could Rainbow Dash at least corral all the clouds into one clump?
Rainbow Dash: …CAN I do that?
DM: With a high Athletics roll.
Rainbow Dash: Heh, you mean that one thing I always do?
DM: No, I don't mean saying "Hey, wait!" or "Hold on!" every quarter-hour.
Rainbow Dash: H– … …h-hey!
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