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Quick doodle I did for Ziom5000 of their qtq oc Katya as a smol handheld catpon~

based on this stock photo https://c8.alamy.com/comp/H9G2RK/new-born-kitten-in-hand-small-kitty-sleeping-on-womans-palm-H9G2RK.jpg
safe1599598 artist:whisperfoot622 oc616135 oc only412349 oc:katya ironstead131 pony868595 sphinx1689 unicorn278592 chibi13239 cute183450 disembodied hand2536 eyes closed82688 female1272275 hand7988 holding a pony2668 horn49455 in goliath's palm235 long hair3634 long mane3026 ocbetes4348 paws4340 sharp teeth3217 sleeping21958 smiling220923 solo991677 species swap17783 sphinx oc484 sphinxdorable99 sphinxified123 teeth7935 tiny1118 tiny ponies1342


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