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Quick doodle I did for Ziom5000 of their qtq oc Katya as a smol handheld catpon~

based on this stock photo https://c8.alamy.com/comp/H9G2RK/new-born-kitten-in-hand-small-kitty-sleeping-on-womans-palm-H9G2RK.jpg
safe (1425491)artist:whisperfoot (513)oc (523501)oc:katya ironstead (125)oc only (363103)pony (688136)sphinx (1334)unicorn (202100)chibi (11148)cute (147898)disembodied hand (2110)eyes closed (67740)female (756993)hand (6774)holding a pony (2174)horn (25842)in goliath's palm (207)long hair (2790)long mane (2471)ocbetes (3279)paws (3548)sharp teeth (2445)sleeping (19188)smiling (182565)solo (873833)species swap (15735)sphinxdorable (81)sphinxified (64)sphinx oc (392)teeth (6388)tiny (796)tiny ponies (1093)


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