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Raindrop: Hey Sweetie, what you’re drawing?
Sweet: I’m drawing the TARDIS mommy
Raindrop: That blue box again?
Sweet: Yep!!
Raindrop: And, who is that pony?
Sweet: Oh!… He is the Doctor, I dream a lot with him, he is very interesting and he talks funny.
Raindrop: I see
Sweet: He knows a lot about the stars and space, and he knows things from different times too!!
Raindrop:And… what is that thing?
Sweet: Well, is a dalek!!! they are super dangerous and bad!
Raindrop: Haha, you have a great imagination dear, now go wash your hooves, dinner is ready
Sweet: Ok mommy… ALLONS-Y!

Something I drew a while ago, :3 hope you like
safe (1428183)artist:hikariviny (204)doctor whooves (9523)time turner (9513)oc (524732)oc:sweet lullaby (36)pegasus (187790)pony (697295)blushing (153693)bow (19369)crayon (366)dalek (257)deformed wing (7)doctor who (2858)drawing (3367)female (759270)filly (50463)hair bow (10378)jewelry (38985)key (518)mouth hold (13303)necklace (12259)paper (2598)tail wrap (5057)tardis (1249)time machine (41)unshorn fetlocks (18611)


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