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Newest chapter, touch on the short side but not always a bad thing.

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Art by Soulcentinel
safe (1425135)artist:soulcentinel (89)gilda (8513)pinkie pie (188526)rainbow dash (203337)earth pony (147245)griffon (21280)pegasus (186982)pony (687930)fanfic:twin fates (18)alternate hairstyle (21217)alternate universe (5840)angel (717)boots (15994)cover art (906)cute (147849)cutie mark (33788)devil (400)fanfic (9558)fanfic art (11316)fanfic cover (1004)female (756732)mare (333627)shoulder angel (155)shoulder devil (166)thinking (1370)wings (52631)


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5 comments posted
Background Pony #FC6A
Nice. That’s an interesting choice for the angel; usually her mane would be "poofier". 🙂

Would you mind if the individual angel/devil pics were uploaded here as well?
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Background Pony #1589
When your shoulder angel resembles the owner of a brothel, your moral compass probably resembles a roulette wheel.
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With rainbow dash was the few that was to have thoughts of arguments between the angel and devil as pinkie pie was the angel as her alter ego when Gilda was transformed into the devil.
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