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Jebens1 :
The Meanbooms color scheme by TMNTony.
Equestria Ninja Girls by DarkMagicianmon.

When magic problems become too much for the Rainbooms to handle, they call upon their New York friends for help. But their gonna need more help than that, so Princess Twilight sends Blade Swipe to help them, with an unexpected visitor tagging along: Twilight's new Friendship Assistance, Bright Eyes. And if that isn't enough, a jealous artist uses a Equestrian Magic infected paintbrush to create evil ink clones of the Rainbooms: the Meanbooms! Will they destroy the girls' friendship with the school, the Turtles, and especially each other? Will the not fooled Mikey trust his brothers will believe him this time or not? And will Blade Swipe ever except that Bright Eyes just wants to help too?

Things are gonna get crazy in Equestria Ninja Girls: Magical Mayhem.

- The Meanbooms in the sword reflection is based off the Justice League Doom movie and Teen Titans Rebirth comic cover.
- The Meanbooms' expressions are based off MLP-Vector The Mean Six (>>1754939) by Jhayarr23.
safe (1488010) artist:jebens1 (64) applejack (152603) fluttershy (190083) mean applejack (222) mean fluttershy (191) mean pinkie pie (174) mean rainbow dash (159) mean rarity (225) mean twilight sparkle (607) pinkie pie (194997) rainbow dash (210048) rarity (162561) sci-twi (20047) sunset shimmer (53276) twilight sparkle (269819) oc (557653) oc:blade swipe (2) oc:bright eyes (105) oc:sapphire night (24) equestria girls (167835) equestria girls series (26126) the mean 6 (1464) angry (21213) baseball cap (1560) cap (3267) clone (1770) clone six (54) clothes (376822) cowboy hat (11512) equestria girls-ified (7671) female (812645) fingerless gloves (3514) freckles (22301) glasses (49880) gloves (15366) grin (29734) hairpin (1159) hat (69651) humane five (2355) humane seven (1839) humane six (2249) jacket (9484) leather jacket (2650) looking at you (129118) male (276712) mean sci-twi (6) mean six (55) mean sunset shimmer (3) paintbrush (1359) ponytail (14042) reflection (2580) serious (938) serious face (929) simple background (310784) smiling (194232) stetson (4611) sword (9873) traditional art (102415) weapon (24502) white background (77553)


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