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Even when due any day with three quite healthy triplets, Kerfuffle still breaks out into a little jig at her happiest. Just that its a tad hard with 3 ready to be born foals and the fluid inside weighing you down. Happy she felt her first contraction? Saw the most delicious stack of pancakes? For you to decide.

Commish done by Bon.
safe (1428182)artist:nsfwbonbon (257)kerfuffle (301)pegasus (187789)pony (697294)rainbow roadtrip (1041)spoiler:rainbow roadtrip (1037)amputee (3429)belly (20527)big belly (6180)blushing (153693)commission (40579)cute (148336)explicit source (4504)female (759269)grin (28015)kerfuffle shuffle (8)kicking (1617)pregnant (11129)prosthetic leg (564)prosthetic limb (2033)prosthetics (2369)smiling (183006)solo (875396)sweat (19872)sweatdrops (233)


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