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in honor of the end of friendship is magic
safe (1429881)artist:pegasister223 (18)applejack (147936)discord (26754)fluttershy (184242)pinkie pie (189133)rainbow dash (204018)rarity (157727)spike (68584)starlight glimmer (38097)twilight sparkle (260651)draconequus (6235)dragon (37766)earth pony (148455)pegasus (188243)pony (698654)unicorn (203592)crying (35796)cutie mark (33933)end of ponies (561)female (760628)floppy ears (41343)group hug (663)hug (22651)male (258182)mane seven (4813)mane six (26503)mare (335630)simple background (291018)smiling (183318)traditional art (96418)wavy mouth (2939)white background (72225)


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