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The following is a sequel to Twilight’s Cronenberg

Trotting down the hallway, Princess Celestia advances to meet with her student Twilight Sparkle, after hearing that she had undergone a horrific transformation. Hoping to aid and resolve her student’s predicament, the Princess may end up getting a little too much than what she had bargained for.

Done again by the amazing CandyClumsy 

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safe (1431160)artist:candyclumsy (290)princess celestia (83765)spike (68667)twilight sparkle (260931)alicorn (164090)dragon (37892)pony (699791)comic:celestia's cronenberg (59)canterlot (3976)canterlot castle (1270)casting (17)comic (89742)commissioner:bigonionbean (482)confusion (106)dialogue (50741)dragoness (5493)dragon eyes (32)dragonified (1321)female (761774)ghost (1958)jewelry (39241)magic (57652)possessed (1273)regalia (12393)shocked (4773)smoke (1920)snorting (444)species swap (15807)spirit (329)transformation (8121)twilidragon (171)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (102387)writer:bigonionbean (301)


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