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safe1597917 adagio dazzle12094 applejack161074 aria blaze9213 bon bon15553 derpy hooves48369 dj pon-328214 fluttershy201145 indigo zap2342 lemon zest3053 lyra heartstrings28215 octavia melody22760 pinkie pie205722 rainbow dash222204 rarity172229 sonata dusk12739 sour sweet3127 sugarcoat3126 sunny flare2601 sunset shimmer58150 sweetie drops15558 trixie63336 twilight sparkle285773 vinyl scratch28216 wallflower blush1763 equestria girls184842 cursing chart1 meme79216 vulgar19459


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Background Pony #8A08
Switch Fluttershy and Pinkie, and only then can I accept this as accurate.
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Background Pony #873F
If you put principal Celestia and vice principal Luna, then Celestia will be in second lowest position, but Luna will be 1 position highter.
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