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there are diolouge you cant see in the pictrue but i’ll give it to you in the description here
Twilight: Ladies and Gentleponies. Princess Dash.
Dusk: And… Prince Blitz.
safe (1429455)artist:kayman13 (131)edit (99174)edited screencap (44335)screencap (174788)apple bloom (43620)applejack (147869)candy apples (188)carrot top (4888)dark moon (172)discord (26749)fine line (156)flitter (2753)fluttershy (184180)golden harvest (4886)graphite (172)lily valley (1629)linky (1215)lotus blossom (2384)lyra heartstrings (26100)lyrica lilac (238)maud pie (11060)maxie (156)mr. waddle (215)north star (248)orion (208)perfect pace (247)perry pierce (60)princess celestia (83664)princess luna (88020)rainbow dash (203974)rarity (157678)scootaloo (46525)sealed scroll (77)shoeshine (1343)shooting star (character) (208)silver frames (42)silver script (64)spike (68550)spring melody (941)sprinkle medley (941)sunshower raindrops (2101)swan song (63)sweetie belle (43820)tree hugger (2442)twilight sparkle (260551)alicorn (163624)pony (698239)comic:the date (5)apple family member (2280)background pony (7471)clothes (355775)comic (89582)cutie mark crusaders (16245)dashie antoinette (26)dress (35043)dusk shine (2025)elusive (1008)female (760248)male (258069)mare antoinette (30)pish posh (32)rainbow blitz (2001)rainbow blitz always dresses in style (19)rainbow dash always dresses in style (1380)rule 63 (22724)shrek (252)shrek the third (12)speech bubble (16678)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (102126)


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