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Will lewd for bits
Tree Hugger’s cutie mark by parclytaxel.

suggestive193562 artist:toonbat417 chickadee950 discord37926 frazzle rock194 king sombra17427 limestone pie6326 ms. peachbottom950 nightmare moon20694 queen chrysalis42859 tree hugger3534 zecora11318 oc967060 oc:toonbat9 alicorn322814 bat pony76907 changeling67698 changeling queen24505 draconequus20947 earth pony520856 hybrid32147 mule468 unicorn556190 zebra24388 anthro368759 g42065934 abuse9787 anatomically incorrect5626 auction4329 boob window2366 breasts401183 busty frazzle rock28 busty limestone pie614 busty ms. peachbottom61 busty zecora1680 catsuit2090 clothed female nude female3155 clothed male nude female1901 clothes650999 dress63772 exhibitionism13775 female1845301 flashing1911 incorrect leg anatomy2227 nudity525230 offscreen character54215 patreon15494 patreon reward2731 public nudity4894 school uniform9810 schoolgirl2514 slave auction32 strategically covered3722 stupid sexy frazzle rock31 underboob5219


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Background Pony #B1A6
Discord i hope you are just buying Fluttershy’s friend so she could attend your tea parties and you don’t actually cheat on her.