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Here is a screenshot of Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon making fun of Apple Bloom and Peppermint Twist for being quote-unquote “Blank Flanks”.
S1E12 “Call of the Cutie” - 01/07/11
safe1972539 screencap263749 apple bloom56405 diamond tiara11188 scootaloo55512 silver spoon7113 sweetie belle53474 earth pony361934 pony1324490 call of the cutie835 apple bloom's bow2660 arrogant80 bow38210 bully701 bullying733 cutie mark crusaders20920 evil grin5518 female1604257 filly84882 foal29698 glasses77464 grin53039 hair bow21522 insulted66 jaw drop312 jewelry91355 necklace25898 open mouth198011 pearl necklace1896 photo89360 raised eyebrow7945 shocked8927 sin of pride37 smiling331524 smirk15873 snob5 tiara5625


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