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Now this, here, is one interesting story, and one that nopony would ever think have the ending it did. After travelling all around Equestria for years, spreading the word of friendship and eventually named an honorary ambassador of Princess Twilight’s court, Tempest Shadow returns to Ponyville with the intention of settling down. However, the stalwart unicorn soon goes stir-crazy in the sunshine-and-rainbow world of Ponyville (as she so "affectionately" calls it). She’s not exactly mean to the townsfolk, but she feels like she’s slipping backwards each time she snaps at somepony or gives a snarky remark. Its getting harder to make connections here. Twilight Sparkle notices her friend’s distress, contacts Princess Celestia and Luna for advice. Celestia comes back with the perfect response: the Royal Guard. Tempest has shown her skill in battle more than once, but also her solidly-built rationale and compassion towards her fellow creature. Tempest eagerly accepts. Proudly donning her suit of armor, the unicorn finally feels right at home in the barracks of Canterlot. She works her way through the ranks until she is named Tempest Berrytwist, Captain of the Royal Guard. She stands as a protector, whipping her new recruits into shape in record time. All seems to be finally going normal for Tempest…until she finds Scorpan.

After accompanying Luna on a "diplomatic" excursion to the Crystal Empire (Luna was totally not just wanting to hang out with Cadance at the Crystal Spa and play with Flurry Heart), Tempest ends up responding to a sighting of a strange creature on the edges of the kingdom. Following a trail of blood spatters, the determined Tempest finally corners the creature in a small ice canyon after giving chase…and finally comes face-to-face with the gargoyle. The strange, maned creature before her puts up no fight, instead holding up clawed hands in defense. He makes no obvious move to attack her, despite the razor-sharp spear inches from his muzzle. After affirming the creature can speak Ponish, Scorpan reveals he is looking for his brother, Tirek. This, of course, leads Tempest to quickly arrest him and present him as a trespassing criminal before Luna and Cadence. The four Princesses converge in an emergency meeting to determine Scorpan’s motivation. Celestia and Luna greet him warmly, remembering his kindness of eons ago, but anxious of his intentions. Scorpan explains that his homeland was decimated by none other than the Storm King, around the same time of his siege of the hippogriffs. Most of his fellow gargoyles were killed, and those that survived moved on to the mystical Silver Shores. Except Scorpan. Frozen for many years by the strange beast, Scorpan has finally escaped to find that most of his kin is now gone.

As such, he goes on a search for his brother, knowing he had been trapped in Tartarus and was hoping to reconcile, in some way, with the last of his family. He, of course, is horrified when he’s told of Tirek’s crimes and his current, petrified state. Stricken with grief, Scorpan apologizes for his intrusion and offers to leave back to his homeland. Celestia, instead, offers him a room in her castle to allow him to get back on his feet. The gargoyle gratefully accepts. From there, Tempest and Scorpan begin to form a relationship. Despite Tempest’s more gritty personality and Scorpan’s benevolence, the two began to find common ground in their pasts. They converse on how each lost their respective families, and the horrors the Storm King bestowed on each of them. They begin to heal over their traumas, and begin to grow closer because of such. Tempest, although being a mare stepping into her thirties, had still not pursed a relationship and had strayed from doing so due to her removal from true society and fear of sabotaging anything she’d manage to build. But when Scorpan starts to show his kindness, and his unwavering loyalty despite her snarkiness at times, she finds herself feeling rather new feelings.

And from there, the two kinda just fall together. Its a tad clumsy at first, neither really knowing how to flirt or navigate this strange world, but they somehow manage to do so (of course with quite a lot of encouragement from Cadence and Twilight). Despite being two completely different species, the strange new world these two are entering turn out to be more accepting than they would have thought (though, of course, there are still hateful ponies scattered throughout Equestria). Scorpan is taken on by Celestia, appointed as a Friendship Ambassador of her court and helps facilitate healthy relationships with other kingdoms, especially those of other creatures. Prince Rutherford is especially fond of the ironically-funny gargoyle ("fellow prince is best!") The two marry, and eventually go on to adopt a son, Diamond.

(coming soon)


So, yeah. I honestly do not remember where I got the idea for this pairing, but I really wanted to work with Tempest in the Athenaverse, and…these two just sorta happened. Will update once I get Diamond’s profile done. :3

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