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From episode 9x20, "A Horse Shoe-In".
I made a background-like object for once.
And we’re back to regular tracing again.
safe (1428843)artist:frownfactory (543)spike (68520)starlight glimmer (38019)twilight sparkle (260403)alicorn (163442)dragon (37692)pony (697680)a horse shoe-in (745)spoiler:s09e20 (742)eyes closed (67930)female (759698)horn (26111)male (257892)mare (334988)paper (2598)simple background (290688)spikelove (1058)straight (109438)svg (2924).svg available (6759)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (102032)vector (66557)winged spike (5558)wings (52941)


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