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OOHH!!! Grampa Gruff just burned the whole species!
safe (1426754)edit (97826)edited screencap (44180)screencap (174196)grampa gruff (211)trixie (55978)griffon (21310)pony (694556)unicorn (202442)a horse shoe-in (742)spoiler:s09e20 (739)blind eye (193)book (27008)bookshelf (2436)breath (1025)burned (317)burnt (101)cape (7605)caption (13651)clothes (354952)duo (39053)female (758209)hat (64573)lamp (1910)library (2478)male (257255)mare (334181)trixie's cape (2874)trixie's hat (3532)yelling (2487)


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