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Next up, fishnets
suggestive129559 artist:doodledandy71 dj pon-328066 octavia melody22587 vinyl scratch28068 earth pony205376 pony855503 unicorn273343 bait and switch588 comic101332 female1185401 fish tank36 funny3747 goggles13148 lesbian90422 magic66492 pet play3180 scratchtavia2843 shipping184395 sitting55774 snorkel420 swimming goggles113 telekinesis24815 water11654 wet7225 wet mane4919


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Background Pony #EB3E
@Background Pony #0F70
Hasbro actually tried to hire Jessi to voice Vinyl but she declined because she wanted to continue being able to do fan work, so you can think of that voice as being pretty much canon too.
Background Pony #1E5A
Feels weird reading it in their voices when you realise one voice is canon and the other voice is fan.