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Trixie: In the Pre-Equestia Era, year 1322, Abraxius the Bold did…(muttering)…ooh, a bunch of boring stuff
safe (1427838)screencap (174407)bifröst (86)dawnlighter (49)gallus (4490)goldy wings (49)loganberry (71)strawberry scoop (168)summer breeze (167)trixie (55999)griffon (21331)pony (695323)a horse shoe-in (742)spoiler:s09e20 (739)book (27038)bored (1216)chalk (473)chalkboard (2311)classroom (1263)clothes (355276)desk (2423)easel (266)female (758946)friendship student (1103)hat (64649)hoof on cheek (161)inkwell (292)levitation (8670)magic (57446)male (257610)mare (334582)paper (2596)quill (2062)reading (5271)school of friendship (884)scroll (2722)teacher's desk (4)teenager (3189)telekinesis (20685)trash can (670)trixie's hat (3532)vase (387)window (5977)

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