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safe (1429880)artist:trungtranhaitrung (302)rainbow dash (204018)twilight sparkle (260651)alicorn (163735)cat (4428)hedgehog (210)pegasus (188243)pony (698654)blaze the cat (201)crossover (52997)female (760627)logo (2929)male (258182)mare (335630)my little pony logo (3044)sega (530)sonic the hedgehog (2687)sonic the hedgehog (series) (6526)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (102190)video game (4019)


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@Beau Skunky
And I have to be on the frontier issuing commands to protect Sonic/MLP fans.

I did warn trung about derpibooru. He didn’t quite understand the procedure or me with English being his second language. But then, why did I bother helping him when he made racial slurs towards me every time we get into a shipping argument? 😒