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Page 962 — Waxing Diabolical

Can't tell you how pleased I am that there was a comment or two on the previous page drifting along the same lines as Rarity's thinking here.

Rarity: Althooough… As "fond farewells" go, marrying a future campaign villain isn't that bad… Twilight Sparkle: Seems like a, y'know, dangerous occupation? Being a Big Bad's wife?
Rarity: To clarify, I'm speaking in terms of storytelling oppportunities. Maybe I become the catalyst for a redemption arc. Maybe I am corrupted and am forced to fight my former friends. Or maybe, once said villain is dispatched – one way or another – I inherit the spoils of his evil empire and use them in… better ways. Yes, I'd say marrying a villain is quite interesting, actually.
Rainbow Dash: That is a special kind of messed up.
DM: …said the kill-crazy mercenary horse.
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