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Watch me turn this fantasy into Sci-Fi Fantasy!

My friend maskarie suggested that I redesign Starlight Glimmer, who’s pretty much an honorary 7th member of the Mane 6. I decided to make her an A.I. that can project herself through a hologram. The whole communist like cult gave off MAJOR "Paranoia" vibes. It’s an old RPG where a computer (fittingly named "Friend Computer") runs whatever is left of humanity, and forces everyone to be happy. Starlight would absolutely pull that as a controlling A.I. 

Considering Starlight doesn’t show up until WAY later, I think I’ll hold off and the backstory for now.
safe (1429253)artist:alannaartroid (14)starlight glimmer (38048)pony (698033)robot (6053)unicorn (203309)alternate hairstyle (21280)alternate universe (5856)artificial intelligence (135)blue background (3031)choker (7228)colored sclera (452)equal cutie mark (1263)eyepatch (2315)female (760047)grin (28043)hologram (205)mare (335236)raised hoof (32082)redesign (974)simple background (290803)smiling (183187)solo (876019)


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