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ponies part 2 but they got older part 1 here –> X

safe2118920 artist:mangoshibi17 fizzlepop berrytwist9846 tempest shadow18800 twilight sparkle349907 alicorn302890 pony1480016 unicorn512898 g41930944 the last problem7836 armor30173 blushing261772 broken horn15740 crown28683 cutie mark51509 eye scar5916 female1740478 gray background13218 hilarious in hindsight3770 hoof shoes9086 horn139906 jewelry107039 lesbian114759 mare703774 nuzzling4936 older37792 older twilight3203 peytral6796 princess twilight 2.03658 raised hoof66630 regalia34784 royal guard10605 scar15918 ship:tempestlight3630 shipping245982 simple background569552 size difference20277 sparkles8112 spread wings88543 tempest becomes a royal guard182 twilight sparkle (alicorn)146079 wings208454


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Background Pony #9268
This ship is possible as well, I guess. They know each other pretty well since the 2017 movie.