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"I am this close to never singing again."

"Oh Chryssie, you should never have to hide your talents."

"Mom, help me."

"They're just complimenting you sweetie!"

"He won't stop pecking my head, Mom please."

Had the thought of how many times Fluttershy has been called Snow White by the fandom and then this pops in my head.
safe1599414 artist:colourstrike197 fluttershy201283 oc616073 oc:chrysanthos31 parrot407 pegasus251767 pony868508 rabbit4636 raccoon489 squirrel939 alternate hairstyle25220 animal3626 annoyed5099 colored hooves4834 colored wings5068 colored wingtips1516 ear fluff24634 eye clipping through hair4340 female1272136 floppy ears47046 like mother like son51 male338182 mare432217 mother and son2679 offspring34641 parent:big macintosh2717 parent:fluttershy4207 parents:fluttermac1159 short hair1745 short mane781 simple background354083 stallion95802 tail feathers770 white background88593


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Background Pony #9031
Sorry, Chrys. You've got a lot of your momma in you, you're just going to have to deal.
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