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"Twilight! Are you ready to go? We’re going to be late to Rarity’s costume party."

While working various projects today I had a chance to get this drawing of Sunset Shimmer as a pirate
captain. In fact, I’m thinking of doing all the girls as pirates. Especially with Halloween on the horizon.
safe (1425988)artist:baron engel (1501)sunset shimmer (50535)human (130512)equestria girls (159277)belly button (59600)clothes (354748)female (757781)grayscale (31208)hat (64526)midriff (16231)monochrome (134308)open mouth (103862)pants (9753)pencil drawing (6497)pirate (2118)pirate costume (66)pirate hat (435)simple background (290040)solo (874195)sword (9420)traditional art (96197)weapon (22752)white background (71965)


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