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Page 949 – Flying Foodie

Scrapped lines:
Spitfire: Please hang out with us. Don’t make me get on my forelegs and beg. I despise all of these people.
Rainbow Dash: <sigh> Don’t meet your heroes, kids.

Rainbow Dash: Okay, fine, whatever. I’ll rush in and catch his pie. <roll> 24 for Athletics.
Soarin: You saved it! Thanks.
Spitfire: Well, look who it is. Saved us in Cloudsdale, now here at the Gala… You really are doing just fine freelancing, aren’t you?
Rainbow Dash: Yeah, it’s pretty awesome.
Spitfire: You wanna hang out with us?
Rainbow Dash: Just like that?
Spitfire: Hey, with you here, that’s 50% less time I have to listen to Soarin wax poetic about his precious pie.
Rainbow Dash: W… Wax what?
Spitfire: Dude loves his pie.
Rainbow Dash: Oooookay.
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